EQB Disaster Relief Program

When you prepare with us, you help another family in need right now.

Emergencies are unpredictable, life-altering, and leave you feeling hopeless.  That’s why $5 from every Earthquake Bag order goes straight to families dealing with a disaster now. By getting prepared, you make your community a bit safer. A little kinder. Like a big family.

Your $5 goes a long way. After last year’s 6.6 earthquake in central Italy, hundreds of Earthquake Bag orders turned into thousands of dollars to quickly replace a school in Amatrice that was destroyed. This year, we've donated thousands of dollars to relief efforts in Houston after devastating flooding pushed ~100,000 people out of their homes. 

We also donate our time. Our whole staff is traveling to Houston September 20-24, 2017 to volunteer in-person, and we are inviting customers, friends, family, and anyone else that wants to get involved to join us. Reach out if you want to join the crew! 

The next disaster will happen just as unexpectedly. By doing the responsible thing for your family now, you also become a part of the rebuilding effort after. Every new person that prepares along with you simply grows the difference we can make together.

So thanks for being the hero in this story ‒  for those you love, and for those who need it most right now.


WHAT WE’VE GIVEN: Total $4,299

2016 - Indonesia Earthquake Relief ($1,000)

2016 - Italy Earthquake Relief ($1,000)

2016 - Claremont Middle School PTA ($299)

2017 - Houston - Global Giving ($1000)

2017 - Houston Food Bank ($500)

2017 - Houston - Red Cross ($500)





2017 DONATION GOAL: $25,000